»Letter from the Founder «

Dear shareholders, employees, business partners and friends of EQS Group,

2022 was supposed to be the year of whistleblowing. The EU Directive was enforced in December 2021. Denmark was the only member state to pass a law protecting whistleblowers in time and our new client numbers increased rapidly. Moreover, the integration of the largest company acquisition in our history, Business Keeper GmbH (BK), went well as expected and almost all BK employees and BK customers remained on board.

We knew that as the European market leader for whistleblowing software, we were in pole position. Expecting the laws to be enforced in the other countries, we were in a perfect position to ride the wave. Consequently, we started full throttle into 2022.

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Management Report

»Management Report «

The financial performance of EQS Group is significantly impacted by the upward trend in regulations in the compliance segment for companies and organisations. In order to position EQS Group in the best way possible and achieve the leading market position, we started early to consolidate the European market for digital reporting systems. First, we acquired Integrity Line AG, Zurich in January 2018 and Got Ethics A/S, Copenhagen in January 2021. Then in July 2021 we were able to acquire Business Keeper GmbH, Berlin, one of the leading providers on the German market.

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